ALETE Helps prevent de-hydration, helps restore muscle glycogen, and quickly replaces important electrolytes lost in sweat during athletic performance.


Training is a pre-requisite obligation in an active healthy lifestyle. In one hour of intense training a person may expend 30% of their daily energy output. These workouts have important implications and requirements for energy fuel and water replacement. Carbohydrates are an obligatory fuel for high power activities as muscle glycogen is held in limited amounts and utilized rapidly by intense exercise. Fatigue occurs when carbohydrates are depleted to low levels during activities or work-outs.


Alete® utilizes mineral magnesium and potassium aspartates which are minerals bound to amino acids that help transport the mineral to the working muscle to help optimize physical performance. This method of action is called bioavailability or improved absorption to the cell membranes of the body.

A precision blend of :

  • Magnesium which functions include control of muscular, nerves, cardiac, cognition, and vascular
  • Potassium which functions include control of acid-base, electrical activity of the heart, breakdown of carbohydrates, builds protein, builds muscle.
  • Sodium is needed for your muscle and nerves to work together. Sodium is also used as an acidity regulator to help maintain ph


Alete ® uses a combination of active botanical extracts

  • Panax Ginseng Extract. Ginseng is traditionally used for energy, but also helps to lower heart rates as well as reducing recovery time.
  • Guarana  Extract provides a source of caffeine to help increase wakefulness and alertness
  • Grape Seed Extract provides a source of protective antioxidants


Alete ® uses a combination of easily digestible glycogens; Dextrose, Fructose, and Maltodextrin to provide ready and constant fuel for the body as it burns calories during activity. This combination provides a sustained release of carbohydrates based on the Glycemic index in order that the athlete does not spike blood sugars or crash when blood sugars are not maintained potentially causing hypoglycemia.


What Customers Are Saying

The Glotman Simpson Cyclocross team started using Alete Natural Hydration drink during the 2013 Cyclocross season. Our team riders immediately noticed the absence of the notorious 'gut rot' feeling of other products we've used in the past. It is immediately easy to digest and huge hit among our riders. The best part, you can adjust your quantities based on the amount of carbs you want without sacrificing the taste. We couldn't be happier with the product and plan on continue using it to hydrate our entire team!

Rob Smith - GSX Cycling Team

BEST TASTING SPORTS DRINK EVER! Before using Alete my drink bottles where always half full at the end of long training rides and I would feel super dehydrated. Since I've been using Alete I always finish every last drop of my bottles which has stopped me from cramping and suffering from dehydration. It has a nice light and refreshing taste which makes it very easy to drink.

Trevor Hopkins - Masters MTB and Road Racer

Alete has been my preferred oral hydration source in my quest for athletic excellence It tastes fresh and crisp with non of the overpowering sweetness of other drink Solutions Because it tastes great i remember to hydrate!

Dr Cathryn Zeglinski - Northlands Medical Clinic - Winner 2013 World Masters

GREAT HYDRATION DRINK! Being a hockey player or any other athlete alete is the ideal sports hydration drink. The past weekend my hockey team benefited from it tremendously. We took alete before during and after our games too help us stay hydrated and it worked In our favor. I highly recommended alete for athletes everywhere.

John Wesley - Richmond Sockeyes Hockey Club

GREAT PRODUCT! As a professional athlete, I try a lot of different products to help keep me hydrated. Once I tried ALETE i was hooked. It helps me stay hydrated which in turn keeps my energy levels up during my workouts and games!

Shane Glover - Mississippi Surge Defencemen - Biloxi, Mississippi

I first tried the drink mix this summer. The very first thing that hit me was how refreshing the taste was. The next was I wanted to drink this drink which is really good for me as I tend to forget to drink enough when training and racing. Add to this the natural ingredients, electrolytes some calories and protein. I have found my go to drink. Love it

Tony Routley - Masters MTB and Road Racer

Alete has helped me maintain my energy levels from the start of the first period to the overtime. No more cramps late in the game in warm buildings either.

Jeff Martens - Friesland Unis Flyer Hockey Club - Netherlands

I stating using Alete this summer and have found it to be an excellent product.I have used many of the leading hydration products and prefer Alete because it is easy to mix, doesn't stain my bottles, tastes great without the filmy after-taste, and best of all it works.

Peter Stevenson - British Columbia

Alete has helped my smooth out my performance for training, marathon and stage racing. Alternatives create too many peaks and troughs from the sugars. Alete let's me manage my hydration and calorie intake better. Plus it tastes great and mixes very easily.

Michael Robinson - Team Whistler, BC

I tested out Alete during my 235km Eco-race in the jungles of Costa Rica. The climate and conditions were hot and extremely humid - keeping Alete as an integral component to my rehydration kept my performance high and got me through one of the most challenging adventures I have completed to date! Next year, 254km eco-race in the Amazon Jungle, Brasil. Alete will again be my 'Go To' for replacing electrolytes and staying hydrated through the 7 day adventure! Thanks Alete!

Brent Bishop - Fitness Expert, Toronto, ON
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